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Carlo Paladino Inducted in Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame


Toronto ON – January 25, 2016 – The Board of Directors of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the third member of the Class of 2016. Carlo Paladino will be honoured at the 11th annual Induction Banquet and Reunion which takes place February 25, 2017 at the Sheraton Montreal Airport Hotel in Montreal, Quebec.

Carlo Paladino charged onto Canadian shores in the summer of 1963 like a blast of wind from across the Mediterranean. What brought him here is a love story. His sweetheart emigrated in 1961 but Carlo was bound by two years of military service. He finally arrived in 1963 and he and Maria were married shortly after.

Carlo had a dream of owning his own business and envisaged a national operation. Starting from scratch, and with a bank loan guaranteed by the equity in his home, he kept stock in his basement and delivered goods in a rusty old truck, keeping up a brutal schedule, starting early and working late. Today Motovan operates out of Quebec, Edmonton and London and employs 200 people across Canada as well as facilities in the U.S.A.

Since the beginning Motovan has been a generous supporter of motorcycle sport in Canada with financial contributions, donation of product and linkage of riders with product suppliers worldwide. Carlo helped sponsor Yvon, Mario and Miguel Duhamel in both motocross and road racing since the early 1980s and contributed clothing and helmets to Jean-Sebastien Roy since the days JSR was a junior rider. Others include Marco Dubé, Guy Giroux, Steve Crevier, Pascal Picotte and Jordan Szoke. In the past 15 years alone Motovan has contributed more than $5 million worth of product at wholesale value to amateur and pro racers well as $2 million toward race series and other organized events.

“Carlo Paladino’s activities in the motorcycle community make him a perfect candidate for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. His legendary enthusiasm for sponsoring racers, events, and virtually anything to do with motorcycles will not be forgotten. The Chair of the Board and the Directors are pleased and honoured to welcome Carlo to the Class of 2016”.

Tickets for the Eleventh Annual Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Banquet and Reunion are available at



2014 Cruiser catalog from Motovan available online

Canadian motorcycle parts and accessories distributor Motovan has made its 2014 Cruiser Catalog available online.

There's 424 pages of all kinds of windshields, Seats, carriers/backrests, crash bars, headlights, exhausts, filters, saddle bags & luggage, and CHROME - lots of chrome.

Canadian parts numbers are listed so if you see something you like you can go to your local dealership and ask them to order it in if you don't see it on the shelf.

Check it out HERE.


Motovan's new website

Motovan has a fancy new "feature rich" website. There's lots of motorcycle gear and accessories to take a look at. 


Motovan Corporation is now OGIO’S exclusive powersports distributor for Canada

Motovan Corporation, Canada’s leading distributor of Powersports parts and accessories, adds another outstanding brand to their offering. From now on, throughout their dealer network, Motovan will be able to share the unique benefits that Ogio offers.

With a wide range of backpacks, travel bags and kit bags infused with multiple functions, Ogio creates products ideal for Motorcycle, MX, ATV, and Snowmobile riders. Founded in 1987, Ogio alone revolutionized the design of powersports bags.

Motovan is proud to be the new distributor of OGIO’S products. «For Motovan to add a recognized brand such as Ogio will no doubt lead to a successful partnership!» Says Michael Paladino, Marketing Director of Motovan; «This addition is consistent with Motovan’s quest of becoming a one stop shop for our dealers. Ogio products complement our extensive offering perfectly.» explains Michael.

All reference material, catalogs, industry information and product features can all be found on-line for your convenience at: Furthermore, note that Motovan will be exhibiting at the Motorcycle shows in 2013 throughout Canada, starting with the one in Calgary from January 4th to January 6th.


New items from Motovan

There's a couple nice new items that have been added to the Motovan line-up. If you're in the market for some racing boots and/or gloves you might want to check these out. If they don't have them in stock at your local motorcycle dealership ask them to bring some in.

Full details:

THE NEW TCX R-S2 RACING BOOTS - A boot with Precision fit and greater protection. 

A brand new model added to the racing line, the R-S2 is the first boot to feature TCX’s Precise Air-Fit System (P.A.F.S). Developed by the company’s Research and Development team, this offers the wearer a revolutionary precise fit system. Situated on the front of the boot, the air pump can be used to adapt the shape to an individual’s unique requirements. To remove pressure, there is a release system, which allows the air to be released quickly after use.

TCX’s Torsion Control (TCS) system has been given a face-lift and now has carbon fibre injected into the structure. The carbon reduces the weight of the boot, and increases the structural support; with added movement of the leg/foot and increases protection of the foot in the event of a fall. Another new feature is the MCS system, which uses the same concept as TCS. It has been designed to control up and down bending of the metatarsal, which is achieved with two stopping points designed to prevent any lesions to the joints.

Here are some of the key features to this great race boot:

- Precise Air Fit System (PARFS)
- Air Tech breathable lining
- Double compound PU Soft padding around ankle
- Light micro fiber, breathable, high wear resistant upper
- Wider padded front and rear for better comfort and flexibility
- Polyurethane shin plate with iron mesh air intake
- Polyurethane shift pad integrated into sole
- Replaceable high resistant alloy toe, calf, rear and ankle sliders
- Zip and Velcro closure Light and breathable anatomic mid sole with heel shock absorbing foam
- Low profile, mono compound rubber sole with specific grip area
- Torsion control area
- Metatarsal control System 

NEW RFX-1 MOTO GP RACE GLOVE - Advanced Racing sport gloves from 5Gloves. 

The all new RFX-1 offers the latest is quality materials and fine point safety features. The RFX-1 is made from the finest full grain leather available on today’s market. The palm features full grain leather with added digital grip and external seam with Kevlar shock absorbers. What really makes this glove a must for the most avid racer is the RFX-1’s reinforcements. Double polyurethane vented knuckles, polyurethane air extraction with molded carbon side palm and Kevlar foam on last finger. The 4th and 5th last fingers are stitched together for extra security measures preventing the fingers from doing the (split) while falling off in an accident. Kevlar is also found on the top and the back of the palm. Five Gloves added a double adjustment for the wrist and one for the cuff granting the rider with that perfect feel of comfort.


Motovan 2012 Fashion Catalog available online

Canadian motorcycle parts and accessories distributor Motovan has made its 2012 Fashion Catalog available online.

There's 584 pages of all kinds of helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, saddle bags & luggage, and much more for you to check out while you're waiting for all that snow to go away outside.

Canadian suggested retail pricing and parts numbers are listed so if you see something you like you can go to your local dealership and ask them to order it in if you don't see it on the shelf.

Check it out HERE.


MV Agusta F3 675 pricing and availability in Canada

MV Agusta Canada formally announces that the much awaited new F3 675 will be available in Canada as of June 2012.  The standard version of the F3 675 will be available at the retail price of $14,495.00.  This model will be available in three colors the traditional Red / Silver, White and Black.

After being elected the “Most beautiful 600 in the world”, the MV Agusta F3 675 is now ready to become the new reference both on the street and on the track.  This Supersport boasts an ultra-advanced chassis and  vehicle dynamics control unit MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System), that is on par with the most advanced Superbikes.

The MV Agusta F3 675 is a revolutionary motorcycle offering extreme emotions to the rider on the street and on the track.  The three cylinder engine utilizes a revolutionary counter-rotating crankshaft, a solution that has only been previously seen on Moto GP motorcycles.  Together with the most compact and light weight layout ever seen on a Supersport bike, these characteristics make the new F3 675 one of the best handling and most sophisticated Supersport motorcycles.

The MV Agusta F3 675 engine is the most advanced and powerful middle weight engine ever produced. It is an ultra-compact in-line three cylinder with the perfect balance between advanced mechanical engineering, advanced materials and electronic technology. Thanks to the MVICS system it is the first middleweight motorcycle with Full Ride by Wire engine controls.  It includes 4 pre-set engine maps, one personally tunable map, and an 8 level traction control.

The chassis is also incredibly advanced.  Studied and designed to obtain the maximum dynamic performance, it was created to have optimum rigidity and when compared to the other motorcycles in this category, offers an unparalleled level of feedback during all riding conditions.

The development of the style of the MV Agusta F3 675 was based on the core philosophy that has always characterized all previous MV’s: the perfect balance between form and function that creates an object that is unique not only for its beauty but also in its effectiveness.


The 3 cylinder layout has won a record number of world championships for MV Agusta, and the new 3 cylinder 675 pays homage to that history.  This new engine employs the most advanced technical solutions to achieve top performance.
Only MV Agusta has been able to develop an incredibly short and narrow, ultra-compact engine  due to  the unique layout of its internal organs. Utilizing a 79mm bore, a super-short stroke of 45,9mm the MV Agusta 3 cylinder engine is extremely over-square and able to rev the highest levels ever achieved by three cylinder sports bike.  It is an ultra-modern, extremely advanced engine capable of 128 hp at 14.500 rpm and 71 Nm of torque at 10.600 rpm.  This level of performance has never before been available in this category and it is on par with the performance of a number of 4 cylinder engines thanks to a 15.000 rpm limit. For the first time ever, a production motorcycle  utilizes a counter-rotating crankshaft that contributes to its perfect dynamic balance as well as increasing the lightning quick handling of the motorcycle.

Ultra-compact dimensions, reduced weight  best in class performance are the characteristics that make the engine of the new MV Agusta F3 675 the new reference in the supersports class.  An engine destined to become the new benchmark of supersport engines thanks to innovative technical solutions such as the use of a single shell mold casting resulting in the “closed deck” integration of the cylinders into the crankcase, the use of titanium both for the intake and exhaust valves  and the new MVICS system.  Another unique feature is the integrate oil and water system: the pump system (water and oil)  and passages are placed entirely inside the crankcase castings offering both performance and styling advantages to the most powerful Italian 3 cylinder ever produced.


The most advanced electronic engine control system ever seen on a Supersport has been designed specifically for this extraordinary new three cylinder. A fuel injection system  that is extremely sophisticated using a two fuel injectors per cylinder coupled with a throttle body employing 50mm throttle valves, a new record for a Supersport! The F3 675 introduces for the first time the MVICS system that allows the engine to unleash a record level of power and control in every situation. The  rider can select one of the 4 available maps, or customize an additional map to obtain the power delivery desired. With the MVICS system it is possible to generate a perfect harmony between the power delivery and the traction control. As with every MV Agusta the Traction Control offers 8 levels of adjustment and is now accessible through the input on the left handlebar and the dashboard interface. This system is incredibly advanced and can be custom tailored by the rider with a series of optional MV Agusta Special Parts:

- Vehicle lean sensor capable of reading all of the vehicle inclination data. This interfaces with the
traction control and engine control algorithms effectively reading the wheel slip during all angles of lean
and then adjusting the throttle opening, spark advance and fuel delivery to ensure the optimal safety
and acceleration in all dynamic conditions
- Launch Control which permits the optimum performance during  starts and offering the maximum
acceleration possible
- Anti-wheeling which permits the optimization of the vehicle acceleration
- MV Agusta EAS (Electronically Assisted Shift) which allows incredibly rapid shifting without ever
having to close the throttle or employ the clutch.


As always, those who ride MV Agusta’s have become accustomed to having the very best components and maximum performance from the chassis. The new F3 675 follows this tradition with a level of quality that exceeds most of the 1000cc superbikes on the market. As with all previous MV’s, the advanced frame design incorporates a mix of steel tubing and aluminum side plates that wrap around the ultra-compact engine offering a level of compactness never before seen on a supersport motorcycle. The compact engine dimensions left themaximum liberty to design the most advanced chassis on the market with an exceptionally long single sided swingarm that guarantees traction and feedback to the rider. All of this encapsulated in a 1,380 mm wheelbase with a 173 kg weight that has set a new record for the Supersport category. The components, as always, are of the highest quality. The Marzocchi 43mm front fork is completely adjustable as well as the Sachs piggy-backrear shock. The front brake system consists of a Nissin radial master cylinder, Brembo radial calipers and 320 mm discs  all coupled  to ultra-light aluminum wheels that allows the F3 675 to offer handling never before experienced on a Supersport motorcycle.


2011 Motovan catalog is now online

Canadian powersports distributor, Motovan, has their new 2011 catalogs online for viewing.  If you're looking for a motorcycle part or accessory, there's a good chance it's within the pages of these catalogs.

It's a great way to price check parts and if your dealer doesn't have something you can usually just give them the parts code from the catalog and they can order it in for you.

Check them out HERE.


Motovan - 2011 Fashion Catalog now available

Motovan is a leading Canadian distributor of motorcycle parts and accessories and their new 2011 Fashion Catalog is now available online! 

If you're looking for a motorcycle part or accessory you'll want to check out this catalog before heading down to your local shop... because if they don't have it you can tell them the code of what you want and they'll hopefully order it in for you.

Check out the link HERE